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  • Transition style ramps designed for storage shed use, maximum 1,500 lb. distributed capacity

  • 3.5 Rung spacing allows smaller-wheeled equipment to easily track along ramps

  • Great for riding lawn mowers, ATVs, snow-throwers, compressors, wood chippers, and generators

  • 1/2 Mounting hole in each 4 attaching lip for permanent mounting

  • Heavy duty all aluminum construction

    Model: S-368-1500

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Great for riding lawn mowers, snow-throwers, compressors, generators, wood chippers, and ATVs into garden sheds, storage sheds, garages, barns, and other elevated surfaces. Easy to use and easy to store. Transition style storage shed ramps with a maximum 1,500 lb. distributed weight capacity or 750 lbs. per ramp. Each ramp is 36 long by 8 wide, weighing only 4 lbs. for portability and storage between uses. Storage shed ramps feature 3.5 rung spacing enabling smaller-wheeled equipment to track along the ramps. Recommended for use up to a maximum 8 rise. Includes a 1/2 mounting holes and a 4 smooth transition attaching lip for permanent mounting. Made with heavy duty all-aluminum construction.
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