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  • SAVE MONEY - Turn any 2 x 8 inch boards into a sturdy multi-purpose ramp for loading your truck, trailer or shed!

  • ALL INSTALLATION HARDWARE IS INCLUDED so you can quickly and easily install your new ramp

  • HEAVY DUTY ALUMINUM is capable of handling 700+ lbs per ramp and lasting for years

  • NON-SKID TOP SURFACE for improved traction. BUILDS 2 RAMPS. Includes 2 top ends, mounting hardware, and instructions

  • ONE YEAR WARRANTY - Iron Forge Tools stands behind all of its products 100%. This Truck Ramp Kit comes with an automatic 1 year warranty. Register online for a FREE TWO YEAR WARRANTY

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Build Your Own Ramp

The Iron Forge Tools Truck Ramp Kit turns two ordinary 2x8s into a sturdy, all-purpose ramp. Within minutes, you will be able to easily load and unload your truck, shed, or trailer! Our ramp kits use only the toughest extruded Aluminum to guarantee many uses.

Selecting the Right Lumber

The strength of your ramps are going to depend on the type of lumber you choose. The ATV ramp kit is rated for 700+ pounds per piece, so the board is likely to break before the trailer ramp kit. When selecting a piece of lumber determine the weight of the items you will be loading and find the best board for the application. For most applications, Oak is strong enough and is readily available at your local hardware store. Please note, the true load capacity of the loading ramp kit plus lumber used depends on a variety of factors.

Instructions for Assembly

Step 1) Cut your board(s) to the proper length.

Step 2) Place the aluminum ramp piece on the end and mark the holes with a pen or pencil.

Step 3) Remove the aluminum ramp piece and drill through the board where you marked your holes. Make sure to drill through the board straight and not at an angle.

Step 4) Using the provided hardware, bolt the board and aluminum ramp piece together. Make sure that the head of the bolt is placed on the top side of the ramp top kit.

Step 5) Repeat steps 1-4 on the other ramp end.

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